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When you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be a challenge to think about anything outside of your addiction. Your mind is so consumed by the influence that the substance has over you that everything else becomes muddled or cloudy and confusing. While this is understandable, it is important that you know that your life does not need to carry on this way. You can overcome your addiction and move on with your life, but you need help in doing so. Paramount Drug Treatment Centers can help to connect you with drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that can assist you in your recovery from an addiction.

At Paramount Drug Treatment Centers, we offer complimentary advisory and referral services to help people with addictions find an addiction treatment center that suits their recovery needs. Every person with an addiction is different and so is every addiction treatment center. Because of this, it is important to be sure that you find the right match for your treatment needs.

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What Is a Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

A drug or alcohol addiction is a condition that can and will affect people in every single aspect of their lives. When a person suffers from an addiction, they are not just having behavioral issues nor are they just lacking in willpower or strength of character. They are suffering from a disease and a serious one at that. The disease of addiction is both physical and mental in nature.

The mental addiction to drugs or alcohol generally develops first. That is because there is usually a mental or emotional reason that drives a person to begin abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. A person will generally begin to crave the feeling that they get from the substance when they use it. For people that abuse opioids, for example, this might be the extreme sense of calm and relaxation. For people that abuse cocaine or similar drugs, it might be the boost of energy and focus that they get from the drug. Whatever the craved effect might be, it draws the person in and makes them want to continue abusing the substance.

As the person continues to use and abuse drugs or alcohol, the physical addiction develops. This side of the addiction is largely internal which is why so few people realize that it even exists. The physical aspect of an addiction occurs in the physical brain. A person's brain has a delicate chemical balance that helps to keep the body up and running properly. The best way to overcome addiction is to attend an alcohol or drug rehab in Paramount or surrounding regions.

However, as a person abuses drugs or alcohol, that balance of brain chemistry can change dramatically. The brain will adapt to accommodate and work with the chemical signals that are sent to the brain by the drug or alcohol. As such, the brain will be in a permanent state of chemical imbalance that is only countered by the presence of the drug in the system.

This chemical dependence on the drug means that the person will experience negative side effects if they do not get the drug in their system and leave the brain out of balance. These negative effects are also known as withdrawals.

Can Recovery Happen?

It is understandable that you might question whether or not recovering from an addiction is even possible. However, there is good news. You can recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You simply need help in doing so. Paramount Drug Treatment Centers can connect you with centers for addiction treatment in Paramount or local area that help you need to recover from your addiction.

How Paramount Drug Treatment Centers Can Help

When you call Paramount Drug Treatment Centers at (562) 239-2823 you will immediately begin getting the help you need to find the right addiction treatment center for you. You will be connected with an addiction treatment advisor that is an expert in the addiction treatment industry and will be able to guide you through the treatment center selection process.

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